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Diary of Jane

...because left seemed more right

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I've been reading fanfiction since my early days on internet. Back in '90es I've spent hours a day reading Earth's Children stories on ECfans forums. I've moved to HP as soon as I fell in love with the series (around the time the third book hit the shelves) but for a long time I was confined to shiplessness and smutlessness of Sugarquill.net (what can I say, my google skills were/are atrocious). I'm compensating for years of deprivation by drowning myself in H/D slashy heaven. I occasionally read through other ships (in other fandoms) done by authors I particularly enjoy but I always go back to the wonder those two produce in the hands of good writers.

If I friended you it's most likely because I love your work and I want to keep track of everything you write or draw. Please don't feel obliged to friend back.

I'm zebru on deviantart and I usually go by Alpea on fanfic sites that require registration (fanfiction.net, fictionalley etc.)